The Beer Lasso

Looking for a way to set your drink off from all the others? Then give The Beer Lasso, The Wine Lasso or our 2 Liter Lasso a try. Both are easy to use and come in many fun colors. They can even be customized with logos and team names. The Beer Lasso works on any long neck glass bottle, most 20 oz. soda and water bottles. Wine Lassos work on standard size wine bottles (750 ML). 2 Liter Lassos will work on any 2 Liter Bottle. No more wet napkins or cold fingers. Beverages stay colder because there's no longer direct contact from your hand. Pick yours up today and "Get a Handle on your Drinkin'" or a friends drinkin' for that matter. 

Any beverage brands seen on this site are in no way supporting or endorsing our products nor are we affiliated with them.  

*Memorial Beer Lassos for Johnny Mac (aka Mac) are now available. Due to high demand please anticipate a delay in shipping.*


All names, slogan, products and their utility and design are intellectual property of The Beer Lasso LLC and should not be copied or altered without express written permission of The Beer Lasso LLC. 

The Beer Lasso, the Wine Lasso and the 2 Liter Lasso are not meant for any other purpose than its intended use. Please note that rope could pose as a safety hazard. By purchasing and or utilizing this product you acknowledge this risk. The Beer Lasso LLC does not accept any responsibility for harm caused by use or misuse of its product. The Beer Lasso LLC does not claim to be a way to control alcoholism. Should you or someone you know have a drinking problem please get the needed help from a recognized organization.