The Beer Lasso

The Beer Lasso was born in a typical suburban garage in Virginia by a business minded daughter and her firefighter father. Unhappy with other beverage holders on the market the duo worked to create a product that would keep long neck glass bottled beverages colder longer yet provide functionality and flair. After testing the idea in local bars around their neighborhood, the pair quickly learned their product would meet a need not currently being fulfilled by the industry and thus the company was formed.

You can feel confident knowing that you are purchasing a high quality product as all of our lassos are 100% USA made. The process for our bottle handles begins with our durable black rope and is finished with a high quality colored 450 minimum pound test line. This nylon line alone is often used by military, survivalist, hikers and the like for its strength and composition. Both ropes together provide stability and durability for your beverage.

So please give our handles a try and tell that zip up blanket goodbye.  


US Patent: 8,499,951


In Memory of Co-Inventor and Co-Founder Mac:

 "Your legacy will live on and you will be forever missed. 'Gone but not forgotten'. Words could not begin to describe what you meant to me. I am grateful and blessed for the time we had together and for the wonderful memories. I love you always." 

The Beer Lasso LLC released an exclusive memorial lasso for Mac on 06.18.14.