The Beer Lasso

Mix and Match (Any Two Colors) Wine Lasso Personalized

Here you can select and two colors to create your own Wine Lasso and then customize it. Pick your favorite colors, support or team, club, group, or match your themed event. 

Our Mix and Match Wine Lassos will work on any 750 ML glass bottle. The handle is designed to keep your hands from transferring heat to the bottle and therefore keeps the beverage colder a little bit longer. We have also been told it make the beverage easier to poor and chill without getting your hands wet. Keep it on hand for a night of drinking with friends; carry it with your camping gear, to the beach, on motorcycle trips, bike rides or a night on the town. 

Our lassos, are 100% USA made. The process for our bottle handles begins with our durable black rope and is finished with a high quality colored 450 minimum pound test line. This nylon line alone is often used by military, survivalist, hikers and the like for its strength and composition. Both ropes together provide stability and durability for your beverage.

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